Operating our plant and equipment, bathrooms, kitchens, guest services and facilities all contribute to each litre of water we use. We conducted water assessments across our properties in 2014 to determine opportunities for savings. As a result, throughout 2015 we will be installing water savings devices, higher WELs rated equipment and retrofitting to reduce water consumption.

As each of our properties is located in different geographical climates we have different pressures to reduce water. We initiated the below projects to reduce consumption;

  • Through Jupiters’ advanced onsite Recycled Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Facility, Water Efficiency Management Plan and dedicated Water Committee, 163 mega-litres of water is saved per year – equivalent to 65 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • At the Star we have an integrated seawater cooling system in place to use outside harbour water to provide cooling
  • Rain water is captured in a harvesting tank to support the swimming pool – saving 3.2 mega-litres per year at Jupiters
  • Echo’s Sustainable Design Guidelines specify that high WELS rated showers, taps and bathroom facilities should be utilised across our properties