We understand our stakeholders including our investors, communities and guests look to Echo to operate efficiently and responsibly by managing our energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Echo is committed to greener buildings through sustainable design and retrofit across our properties. However we are aware that as we expand our entertainment offering we activate more floor space, thus it is expected we will consume more energy.

Knowing this challenge lay ahead of us, in 2014 Echo completed strategic building assessments incorporating level two energy audits across our three casino properties to identify opportunities to reduce resource consumption. As a result Echo will be implementing the energy and water savings opportunities throughout 2015- 2017 to assist us in achieving our absolute reduction targets by 2016*.

  • 5% potable water reduction
  • 5% reduction in energy consumption
  • 5% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 10% increase in recycling rates (across all operations)

*Measured against a 2013 baseline.