Focus Area Objectives 2015

Governance and Reporting

  • Provide transparent reporting to our external stakeholder communities on our environment and sustainability performance through our website content and annual report
  • Utilise resource consumption reporting systems to provide Group visibility of carbon emissions, energy and water consumption and waste generation

Our Stakeholders

  • Continue to develop and integrate environment and sustainability as part of our business proposition and in the products and services we deliver to stakeholders
  • Expand our reporting of our non financial performance in our external communications

Our Team Members

  • Increase the visibility of our 'Echo Friendly' program across our business to capture more team member ideas on how we could drive efficiencies and increase the sustainability performance within our business
  • Drive behaviour change across all team members by increasing our internal communications, hold periodical events/activities to facilitate greater team member engagement

Our Suppliers

  • Introduce a Sustainable Procurement Policy to communicate our commitments to our suppliers

  • Work closely with our food and beverage suppliers and develop a 5 year strategy to improve the overall sustainability of lines we procure

  • Integrate Echo’s Sustainable Design Guidelines into all design, retrofit and new build projects to green our buildings

Our Environment

  • Complete full building energy and water audits to identify opportunities for improvement over the next 5 years based on our material impacts of energy, water and waste

  • Implement a Biodiversity Policy to enhance the natural landscape in our designs where possible

Our Communities

  • Develop a Sustainable Transport Strategy and encourage greener intermodal transport to our venues for team members
  • Develop strategic partnerships with industry, charities and NGOs where possible